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Recent Projects



Prefixy is a highly scalable, query optimized, hosted prefix search service for building autocomplete suggestions. Suggestions dynamically update in response to user input, so users only see the most relevant suggestions.

We utilized asynchronous, batched Redis calls in order to provide non-blocking writes and extremely fast in-memory reads. Multi-tenancy was implemented by utilizing JSON web tokens, Redis namespacing, and MongoDB collections. The system design includes two Node/Express servers, Redis, MongoDB, a CLI, and a JavaScript client.

Read the full story of how we built it.

Demo | Source



Shello is a highly interactive Trello clone built with a Node/Express API backend and a Backbone single-page application frontend.

Demo | Source

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2/7/18 - Creating Prefixy - Dayton Web Developers

1/17/18 - Building Prefix Search as a Service - Gem City JS

1/15/18 - Creating Prefixy - Columbus Ruby Brigade - Video

4/2/17 - Launch School Podcast

3/8/17 - Why Use Flexbox? - Dayton Clean Coders

2/1/17 - Why Use Flexbox? - Dayton Web Developers - Video